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We are Tucson Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Tucson, Az. Unlike some of the other companies you may come across, we are a true wildlife removal and control company. We only handle reptiles and mammals, which lets us specialize in terms of training and equipment, better using our time. We are not a regular pest control company or an exterminator. Instead, our methods are focused on mammals and reptiles, and are always humane. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to never use poison during the animal removal process. Not only is poison ineffective, but it is also inhumane and no wildlife removal company that prioritizes humane handling will use it. When we visit your property, we will begin by completing a thorough inspection of your property and home. We have a comprehensive inspection process with 32 points to ensure our team never overlooks a potential issue or animal. This thorough inspection allows us to identify every single area that an animal could use to get inside your home. We are also ready to assist you with emergency removal of critters, such as in situations where an animal manages to get inside your home. Since animal removal emergencies can occur at any time, feel free to call us 24/7. Call us now at 520-336-9757 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Tucson Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Squirrel Extermination Tips

The peculiar scratching and squeaking sound in your attic simply means that you have an unwanted visitor in your house. Usually, the Tucson squirrel will hunt for the ideal place to store their foods and the comfort and warmth of our attic makes an excellent den for them. Nonetheless, no matter how cute and small this creature is, they can still cause a huge damage to our property. This is why it is necessary to take them off our property.

Lethal and Non-Lethal Way to Get Rid of the Squirrels
There are two methods on how you can successfully eliminate the squirrels from your property. Some people choose the lethal way and others prefer the non-lethal method. Before putting an end to your wildlife infestation problem, check the local rules and regulations and ensure that everything you will do is according to the laws and standard. Last 2010, hundreds of people have been penalized for killing this tiny creature.

The Lethal Methods
Aside from being an absolute cruel method, killing squirrels will not solve your infestation problems especially if you have no idea about the cause of the problem. Killing the creature that is currently invading your house will only invite another animal from taking its space. If your property is ideal for them, you can guarantee that there will be an opportunistic creature that will replace the squirrel after they die. Finding a solution on the root cause of the issues is the most effective method to get rid of them. However, if you still prefer to use the lethal method, here are some of them.

Shooting- The use of gun power is prohibited in most states. Furthermore, Tucson squirrels are agile creatures and it may be difficult to kill them if you don’t have an excellent marksmanship.

Poisoning- According to the law, it is prohibited to cause unnecessary suffering to the animal that is within your care. This certainly includes those animals that are caught in your trap such as squirrels. This means that it is illegal to use poisons against them. Furthermore, poisons are indiscriminate killer that exposes your kids and pets to the same level of dangers.

Non-Lethal Methods
With regards to the non-lethal methods, there are different options to choose from. Most of them are highly effective and can be executed with a minimum amount of experience.

Habanero Sauce- Habanero contains capsaicin which is commonly used as the base ingredient of the wildlife repellents. Spraying this on your roof can drive them away.

Non-Lethal Traps- This is the humane way of removing the creature from your property. You simply have to trap them and then relocate them to another place. Make sure that you will choose excellent bait or else the success of trapping them will be greatly reduced.

Nonetheless, hiring an expert Arizona Wildlife Control Agency would still be the most ideal method to get rid of them. You will not only save a significant amount of time and energy, they can also determine the root cause of the infestation and avoid similar situation from happening again in the future.